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Vol.17, No.1 Fall 2006

Call for Papers

Editorial Board staff, In Memoriam
Michael Mayer, Kermit Hall, A Remembrance

Guest Editors' Introduction

William Kirwan, Higher Education & the Social Compact
Daniel Taylor, An Honor Code for Life
Judith Fischer, Implications of Recent Research on Student Evaluations of Teaching
David Horowitz, The Academic Bill of Rights and Academic Freedom
The Academic Bill of Rights
American Council on Education, "Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities"
Roger Bowen, Institutional Autonomy, Academic Freedom, & Academic Responsibility
Anne Neal, Freedom from Accountability?
Kermit Hall, A Pox on Both Houses: The Academic Bill of Rights and ACE's "Statement"

Essay Review
Henry Gonshak, Perfidious Profs: Academic Irresponsibility in College Novels

Book Reviews
Kim Allen Scott, The Professors: 101 of the Most Dangerous Academics in America
John Fisher Jr., The Master Plan: Himmler's Scholars and the Holocaust