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Recent Hires

Montana State University-Northern

Carissa Brown, Technical Sciences
Teri Hildebrand, Arts and Sciences
Margaret Mahoney, Arts and Sciences
Eleazer Resurreccion, Technical Sciences
Kevin Ruby, Technical Sciences
Gail Shatkus, Technical Sciences
Arne Sippola, Education
Chad Spangler, Arts and Sciences
Joseph Todd, Education
Shelly Granger, Nursing

Montana State University-Billings

Emily Arendt, History
Clinton Culp, Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Lynne Fitzgerald, Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Matthew Sprong, Rehabilitation and Human Services
Melissa Boehm, Mass Communications
Mark Earnhart, Art
Thomas Nurmi, English
Kathryn Plymesser, Pre-Engineering
Matthew Queen, Chemistry
Scott Butterfield, Accounting
William Calderhead, Special Education

University of Montana-Missoula

Carl Seielstad, Forest Management
Angela Luis, Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences
Sambit Mohapatra, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
Keith Anderson, Social Work
Laurie Walker, Social Work
Rob Smith, Computer Science
Travis Wheeler, Computer Science
Theodore Van Alst, Native American Studies
Sara Rinfret, Political Science
Jacqueline Brown, Psychology
Talena Sanders, Media Arts
Veronica Johnson, Counselor Education
Daniel Lee, Educational Leadership
Jason Triche, Management Information Systems
Larry Abramson, Journalism

Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Michael Webb, Chemistry
Raja Nagisetty, Environmental Engineering
Brahmananda Pramanik, General Engineering
Khalid Miah, Geophysical Engineering
Mr. Micah Gjeltema, Library
Chris Roos, Mining Engineering
Janet Coe, Nursing
Mansur Ermila, Petroleum Engineering
Todd Hoffman, Petroleum Engineering
Glen Southergill, Professional and Technical Communication

Montana State University-Bozeman

Chris Kearns, Student Success
Kelly Knight, Sociology & Anthropology
Ellen Lauchnor, Civil Engineering
Sara Mannheimer, Library
Scott McCalla, Mathematics
Stephanie McCalla, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Lance McNew, Animal and Range Sciences
Zach Miller, Research Centers
Neda Nategh, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mark Owkes, Mechanical & Industrial
Robert Payn, Land Resources
Dustin Perry, Agricultural Education
Adrienne Phillips, Civil Engineering
Scott Powell, Land Resources
Hans Schneider, Research Centers
Tricia Seifert, Education
Vanessa Simonds, Health & Human Development
Monica Skewes, Psychology
Andreas Thorsen, Business
Maggie Thorsen, Sociology & Anthropology
Ryan Thum, Plant Sciences
Jessica Torrion, Research Centers
Megan Van Emon, Animal and Range Sciences
Mitch Vaterlaus, Health & Human Development
Megan Wickstrom, Mathematics
Kevin Wildrick, Mathematics
James Wilking, Chemical & Biological Engineering

[The Montana Professor 25.1, Fall 2014 <http://mtprof.msun.edu>]

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