Book Review Editor Named

Dr. Paul Trout, English, MSU, has agreed to take on the role of Book Review Editor for The Montana Professor. In addition to his regular professional writing, Paul has authored a number of reviews which have appeared in our pages and has been responsible for recruiting a number of others. Anyone wishing to write a review or to suggest a review is urged to contact Paul. His office telephone number is: (406) 994-5197.

New Board Member

We are pleased to welcome 0. Alan Weltzien, Humanities, WMC, as a new member of our Review Board. Alan's field is English. We urge the faculty on the Western campus to contact Alan with any thoughts and any contributions for The Montana Professor. His office telephone number is: (406) 683-7431.

Contributions Sought

As Governor Racicot said, "These are challenging times for our state..." (Open Letter, this issue). With so much at stake for the University System as well as the state, the Editors are eager to do what we can to solicit the views of the faculty on what course should be taken. We are convinced these views can influence the course of events. We are interested in letters to the editor, essays, commentaries, and articles. Any issue confronting the state is fair game. We intend to run these without abandoning the more academic pieces we traditionally carry. Anyone wishing to make a contribution is invited to contact a campus representative on the Review Board (see below) or the editor Madden.

George Madden
Eastern Montana College
1500 North 30th Street
Billings, MT 59101
Office phone (406) 657-2124
Home phone (406) 259-2861

Editorial Board

The Montana Professor is published three times each academic year by The Faculty Association of Eastern Montana College and the Montana Federation of Teachers. Current circulation is approximately 2400. Editorial office is

Ed. 113
Eastern Montana College
Billings, Montana 59101
Phone (406) 657-2124
FAX (406) 657-2051.

Editor: George Madden, Ed Foundations, EMC
Contributing Editor: William Plank Foreign Lang. and Lit., EMC
Associate Editor: Kathleen Hall, Library, EMC
Associate Editor: JoAnn Meide, Library, EMC

Book Review Editor
Paul Trout, English, MSU

Publication Review Board
Arthur Coffin, English, MSU
Jack Jelinski, Mod. Lang. and Lit., MSU
William Fisher, Ed Foundations, UM
Michel Valentin, Mod. Lang. and Lit., UM
Jeffrey Gritzner, Geography, UM
John Snider, English, NMC
Steve Lockwood, English, NMC
Karl Ulrich Math/Science/PE, WMC
O. Alan Weltzien, Humanities/SS, WMC
Jerzy Czyz, Math, EMC
Elmer Gless, Biology, Tech

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