2000 Montana Teacher Forum Planning Committee

The fifth annual Montana Teacher Forum will be held September 18, 2000, in Helena, MT. It is a chance for K-16 educators, policy makers, parents, and others to share their views on the topic of time and teaching (learning). Teachers will have their voices heard and their efforts to improve education will be valued.

The Montana Teacher Forum promotes professional growth and is an opportunity to share excellence in education. The Montana Teacher Forum will bring together members of Montana's education community to help shape the future of the teaching profession.

The Montana Teacher Forum is sponsored by the Montana Professional Teaching Foundation, a non-profit entity created by MEA/MFT to promote excellence in teaching and learning in Montana.

If you are interested in being a participant in the 2000 Montana Teacher Forum, please call for a brochure and registration information.

or 1-800-423-2803
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