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Vol.7, No.3 Fall 1997

Pat Munday & Paul Trout
Doug Giebel

Lecture Series


Student Evaluations
Distance Learning

Fred Blevins, The Hutchins Commission Turns 50: Recurring Themes in Today's Public and Civic Journalism
George Cheney, et al., Should We Buy the "Student-as-Consumer" Metaphor?
J.K. Curry, David Mamet's Oleanna as Commentary on Sexual Harassment in the Academy
Stephen Sylvester, "I Just Think, I Just Feel, I Just Believe": Passivity, Irresponsibility, and the Death of Intellectual Freedom
Paul Trout, How to improve Your Teaching Evaluation Scores Without Improving Your Teaching

Robert Thomas, Talking about Leaving: Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences
Bill Janus, The Opening of the American Mind: Canons, Culture, and History
Henry Gonshak, Liberalism Divided: Freedom of Speech and the Many Uses of State Power
Marvin Lansverk, Ancients Against Moderns: Culture Wars and the Making of a Fin de Siècle
Elizabeth Hadly, The Idea of Biodiversity: Philosophies of Paradise