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Vol.14, No.2 Spring 2004

Notes from the Web Desk


Keith Edgerton, An Interview with Regent John Mercer
George Dennison, The Bellesisles Case and the Ethics of Scholarship
Jack Horner, An Intellectual Autobiography
Marvin Lansverk, An Apologie for Service Learning
Paul Trout, Defining "Anti-Americanism"
James Scott, Hobby Corner: Confessions of an Antique Stove Nut

Essay Review
Henry Gonshak, The War on Terrorism, Part I:Is it "About Islam?"

Book Reviews
Steve Lockwood, Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialism of Higher Education
Warren Esty, Grade Inflation: A Crisis in College Education
Maurice Burke, Oxford Days: An Inclination
Paul Trout, Anti-Americanism