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Vol.17, No.2 Spring 2007

Guest Editors' Introduction

George Dennison, Geoffrey Gamble, A. William Muse, James Rimpau, Financing Public Higher Education in Montana, 1990-2006
Myles Brand, Faculty Members' Constructive Engagement in Intercollegiate Athletics
Frank Splitt, The U.S. Congress: New Hope for Constructive Engagement with the NCAA and Intercollegiate Athletics
Paul Trout, The Lopsided Ivory Tower
Stanley Fish, Intellectual Diversity: What Is It and Do We Need It?
Nancy Mattina, Plagiarism, Among Other Mistakes
Thomas Bertonneau, Heeding the Ancients: Plutarch, Paying Attention, and Civilization

Book Reviews
George Dennison, Our Underachieving Colleges
George Dennison, Excellence without a Soul: How a Great University Forgot Education
Johnny Lott, Creating Significant Learning Experiences
Robert Pack, "Survival"