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The Vagabond Professor

But I see well what is the trouble: my mind is a vagabond who likes to wander and is not yet able to stay within the strict bounds of truth. —Rene Descartes, Meditations on first Philosophy, Meditation II, trans. Laurewence J. Lafleur.

The Montana Professor  editorial staff has again received a plea for help from a member of one of the faculties of the Montana University System. The professor likes to travel about our beautiful state photographing its scenic splendors and unusual sights. Unfortunately, this amateur photographer forgets often to document the pictures, and therefore has a few mysterious ones at season's end. In the professor's behalf we seek information about the subject of the photographs below. If you know the name of this beautiful location, please e-mail us at <mtprof@umontana.edu> so that we can put the professor's mind at rest. All responses will be appropriately acknowledged.

—vagabond picture 1
vagabond picture 1

—vagabond picture 2
vagabond picture 2

—vagabond picture 3
vagabond picture 3

[The Montana Professor 21.2, Spring 2011 <http://mtprof.msun.edu>]

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