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Downloading Tips & Mission Statement

These ASCII (text) files are designed for quick downloads. We encourage you to download and print the files, rather than reading them on your computer screen (except for short files). Your eyes will thank you. The following tips might help smooth the download procedure. We cover the two most popular visual browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and one widespread text-only browser, Lynx, which is used on many university campuses.

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer

Since America OnLine, owner of Netscape, announced (28 Dec. 2007) that it will stop support for its Netscape browser on 1 Feb. 2008, these instructions now apply primarily to Firefox, Safari, & Internet Explorer on the PC and Firefox & Safari on the Macintosh. They should also work for other browsers, such as Opera, Omniweb, Konqueror, iCab, &c. If you have trouble printing any of these files, you might try simply selecting all the text on the web page (by dragging through it or using the Select All command in the Edit menu), copying it (again from the Edit menu), then switching to a word processor (like Microsoft's Word) and pasting (from the Edit menu). You should then be able to print from the word processor application. This method might not catch graphics, which can be saved separately (if crucial to the article), and you may need to add paragraph breaks manually. But at least you can print the article instead of trying to read it on your computer's screen.

The procedures are almost identical for both programs running either under the Macintosh operating system or Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista.

  1. If you're using Netscape 6 or higher or Explorer 5 or higher, the easiest way to print a piece is to choose Print from the File menu. Be sure to size the browser window to approximate an 8.5" wide page. For tables that are wider than an 8.5" page, choose Landscape orientation from the Page Setup submenu in the File menu.
  2. Otherwise, while viewing the file you want to download, choose Save As from the File menu.
  3. In the ensuing dialog box, be sure Text or HTML is selected as the file format, and select where you want the file saved. Choose Desktop if you're not sure, so you can see the file on your computer's desktop screen. Otherwise you'll have saved it in some subdirectory on your hard drive, and will have to use the Find program to discover it.
  4. Assuming you've set up Navigator properly, the file will download with its default name, unless you renamed it in the dialog box.
  5. When you've located the file, open your favorite word processor, choose Open from the file menu, make sure you've set file format to All in the dialog box, find the file from within the dialog box and double-click on it to open it. N.B.: If you simply double-click on this downloaded file, your system's default text editor will open it. These are TextEdit or SimpleText on the Macintosh and NotePad on Windows. If text appears all on one line, Windows users will want to choose Word Wrap from the Edit menu immediately on opening the file. (WordPad has this choice on the View menu under Options.)
  6. You can now format it however you wish, and print as much or as little as you need. If you see all the html tags, try another application (e.g., both Word and TextEdit open html files without the html tags by default).


What follows usually will download the file you're viewing to your remote directory (the space your account occupies on someone else's machine).

  1. When the file you want is visible on your screen, push the letter P on your keyboard, or use whatever command is visible at the bottom of your screen for printing files you're viewing.
  2. In the ensuing dialog box, choose either to print to your local printer (if that's an option), or send to your remote printer.
  3. OR, choose the option to mail the file to yourself. You then have the file as an email message in your regular mail directory, and can print it using whatever method you normally use for your email.

If you are using Lynx, chances are that you are manipulating the program from your machine (that is, it doesn't reside on your machine's hard drive). So if you want to retrieve the file to your personal machine, you'll need to ask your computer administrator for instructions, since each setup can differ enough that our instructions might confuse people. Once you've moved the file to your remote directory, you can choose from the following options.

Mission Statement and Editorial Board

Mission Statement
The Montana Professor provides a forum in which those involved in higher education in Montana and the larger region may discuss issues of common concern. It also serves as a vehicle by means of which the faculty expertise of the region's institutions may be brought to bear upon issues important to the citizens of the area the journal serves. The Montana Professor publishes articles of scholarly substance and merit on educational issues, and articles by members of the professoriate which treat issues of wide interest from the perspectives of the academic disciplines. The Montana Professor does not publish specialized scholarly research of interest only to those within a discipline.

The Montana Professor is published in paper edition twice each academic year, Fall and Spring, by The Montana Professor, Inc., a non-profit Montana corporation. It receives most of its financial support from The University of Montana and Montana State University. The journal is supplied free of charge to members of the faculties and academic administrations of the two universities, the state's tribal colleges, the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System, the Office of the Governor, and the members of the Montana Legislature. Approximately three hundred other persons associated with higher education elsewhere in the nation also receive the journal. Current print circulation is about three thousand.

The web version of The Montana Professor is hosted and maintained by honors students at Montana State University-Northern. Except for its occasional Crow's Nest column and vetting corrections, its contents are usually identical to the print version. Some issues, however, contain material that does not appear in the printed version. These exceptions are noted on the web page.

Editorial Board

Henry Gonshak, English, MT Tech.-UM, Guest Editor
O. Alan Weltzien, English, UM-Western, Guest Editor
Linda Gillison, Classics, UM-Missoula, Editor, Spring 2006- (on sabbatical)
Marvin Lansverk, English, MSU-Bozeman (book reviews: Humanities)
William Locke, Earth Sciences, MSU-Bozeman (book reviews: Sciences)
In memoriam: George Madden (1927-2007), Education, MSU-Billings, Founding Editor & Publisher, 1991-Spring 2002


Associate Editor and Treasurer
Keith Edgerton, History, MSU-Billings

Assistant Editor & Web Supervisor
Steve Lockwood, English, MSU-Northern
(406) 265-3751

Distribution Mgr.
Steve Lockwood (MSU-Northern) and board members on each campus
(406) 265-3751

Current Board Members
Victoria Cech, MSU-Billings
Jeffrey Gritzner, Geography, UM-Missoula
Kate Shanley, NAS, UM-Missoula (on leave)
Richard E. Walton, Philosophy, UM-Missoula (Editor, Spring 2002-Spring 2006)

Past Board Members
Paul Trout, English, MSU-Bozeman
Arthur Coffin, English, MSU-Bozeman, Emeritus
Kathleen Hall, Library, MSU-Billings
Jack Jelinski, Spanish, MSU-Bozeman
JoAnn Meide, Library, MSU-Billings, Emeritus
Tamara Berger-Prössdorf, German, MSU-Billings
John Snider, English, MSU-Northern
Will Rawn, English, MSU-Northern
William Fisher, Education, UM-Missoula, Emeritus
Michel Valentin, French, UM-Missoula
Robert Thomas, Environmental Science, UM-Western
Aeron Haynie, English, UM-Western
Andrea Stierle, Chemistry, MT Tech.-UM & Plant Pathology, MSU-Bozeman
Ken Egan Jr., English, Rocky Mountain College
Celia Schahczenski, Computer Science, Mt. Tech-UM

Assistant to the Editor
Annie Kuster, Missoula, MT

Editorial Office
Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures, University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812
Telephone: (406) 243-2719
FAX: (406) 243-5313
E-mail: <mtprof@umontana.edu>

Print Design & Layout
Bob Jacobson
"Number 9 Design"
525 Cottonwood #2
Missoula, MT 59801

Legal Counsel
Church, Harris, Johnson, & Williams, P.C.
100 Railroad Street, Suite 200
Missoula, MT 59807-7007

For more information regarding advertising in The Montana Professor please contact Keith Edgerton at phone (406) 657-2895 or via e-mail <kedgerton@msubillings.edu>.

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