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Twenty-Five Things to do on Sabbatical

Edwin Battistella
Southern Oregon University

--Edwin Battistella
Edwin Battistella


Edwin Battistella was on sabbatical for the 2006-2007 academic year.

  1. Enter the New Yorker cartoon caption contest every week
  2. Create Wikipedia entries for all your colleagues
  3. Write in coffee shops
  4. Join a gym
  5. Get a physical
  6. Make a will
  7. Take old clothes to the Goodwill
  8. Put your valuables on eBay
  9. Arrange your books by color and pick a color to read
  10. Synchronize your clocks so there is just one time zone in the house
  11. Change the batteries in the smoke alarms
  12. Learn the really cool features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  13. Test ride a Segway
  14. Archive your email
  15. Set some Google alerts
  16. Switch to on-line bill paying
  17. Get your taxes done early
  18. Sign up for the national do-not-call list
  19. Read more of the daily comics than just Doonesbury
  20. Start reading the New York Times travel section; plan a vacation
  21. Decide what kind of consulting you'd be best at
  22. Write a personal strategic plan
  23. Register your name as an Internet domain
  24. Plan your next sabbatical
  25. Ponder the imponderable

[The Montana Professor 18.1, Fall 2007 <http://mtprof.msun.edu>]

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