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Vol.18, No.1 Fall 2007

Editors' Introduction

Linda Gillison, A Mother's Reflection on War
Max Skidmore, The American System of Social Security: Separating Fact from Fallacy
George McGovern & Max Skidmore, Real Reforms to Enhance, Not Curtail, Social Security
Allison McIntosh, Bringing Care to the People: A Nursing Curriculum and a Community Partnership
Gretchen McNeely, Anna "Pearl" Sherrick: A "Gem" of The College of Nursing
Alan Weltzien, Rob Thomas, Geologist and Faculty Leader
Claire Oakley, It Takes a Whole Faculty to Educate a Student
Jonathan Figdor, God and the Problem of Evil
Edwin Battistella, 25 Things to do on Sabbatical

Book Reviews
Henry Gonshak, What's Liberal about the Liberal Arts?
Hugh Mercer Curtler, Leaving School: Finding Education